Why is it important to remove beard permanently?

Transgender  full beard removal: Beard removal is the non-surgical treatments to improve trans women gender presentation, as facial hair can be highly stigmatizing and very embarrassing.  Electrolysis is the only method, FDF approved for permanent hair removal available, permanently remove transgender facial hair. Lasers hair removal can be an acceptable or even a preferable alternative in some cases. But the laser usually works poorly on the face.

Taking beard under control is critically essential for trans women that planning to live their life fulltime female.   Male beard is hard to conceal and requires a lot of hard work, usually without complete success. Beard and facial hair are the most noticeable secondary sex features, and getting rid of it, often is pain and nightmare for transwomen.  It hurtful, it’s pricey, it’s embarrassing, and it seemingly takes forever.

What is intensive clearing program for a full beard?

At, Electrology3000 for transgender full beard removal, we developed an intensive program for the clearing of facial and genital areas that can speed up the process tremendously, by removing your facial and neck hair with a minimum number of treatments,  and avoiding hideous scarring, pitting, or pigmentation of the skin. As the facial hair of the male beard is difficult to remove, it is vital that trans women seek an experienced electrologist. The one who has worked extensively with trans women. Our intensive clearing session for facial hair removes your full facial hair during marathon sessions.

What are the benefits of intensive electrolysis clearing sessions?

It would cut the time needed from start to finish considerably and speed up the process. Typical one a week 1-2 hour session required growing your beard every week. With the intensive program, you have to let your facial hair grow only once per clearing session every 6-8 weeks.  We inject local anesthesia which will make your procedure pain-free.

Electrologists are trained and experienced in killing the beard hair of trans women. At, Electrology3000, we are preoccupied with three things: no scarring, high killing rate, and comfort of our visitors.

What do you need to consider? At the  beginning of  your transition, the most valuable thing  to know: “nothing happens overnight.” The electrolysis hair removal is a time-consuming process,  and you would require persistence and dedication to reach results of your desire. Additionally, remember that electrolysis demands a significant financial investment. Just be sure that you can afford the process through and not be dissatisfied. The long marathon sessions are mental and physically demanding.

When to start full beard removal electrolysis prosses?

If you are planning to live full time as a woman is greatly encouraged to start permanent facial hair removal as early as possible in transition.  For some trans women, it is the most time-consuming and expensive part of the entire process.

Do I have to be on hormones to start electrolysis?

It will not affect hair growth.  Male sex hormones—androgens—regulate male physique development. Without androgen signaling, genetic males appear female. During puberty, increasing androgens harness the hair follicle’s unique regenerative ability to replace many tiny vellus hairs with more extensive, darker terminal hairs ( beard). You can not change the genetics of your hair with female hormones.

How much time does it take to clear my facial hair?  How many clearing sessions would I need?

As much as we want to give you the answer, we can’t.To completely clear your facial hair permanently, you would need from 8 months up to 3 years. About 8 to 10 sessions and the number of required hours ranges from 90 to 300 hours. We do full beard clearing in one procedure. We remove the average beard and lip every 6-8 weeks, which is ideal for catching as many hairs in the active phase as possible.

Around 60% of hair follicles are active during the first clearing. Despite that all hairs will be cleared during the session, average 25-50% of the treated hairs. Will come back, together with the 40% inactive hairs. You will have the impression between 75%, and 90% come again after the first session. The first sessions are always accounted for the longest of all the clearings. Next, follow up removal will involve less time as fewer hairs need to be treated. We use Local anesthesia, which makes the treatment painless.It is essential to be on  6-8 weeks interval to have as many hairs in the active stage as possible.

You can expect to lose beard shadows permanently after the 4th clearing, as long as they adhere to the 6-8 week clearing interval.