Women’s waxing is the most preferred treatment to get rid of unwanted hair and achieve a smooth and flawless-looking skin. Waxing removes the whole hair including the root.

Here at Electrology 3000 we offer all kind of hair removal, from permanent (electrology) to temporary (waxing). The licensed estheticians at Electrology 3000 & Skin Care Spa has an abundance of product knowledge. We understand the importance of excellent communication skills and we treat each of our client and customer with compassion while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. Waxing is a great long-lasting solution to the problem of unwanted hair. We use high-quality hard wax from Europe which is for sensitive skin. NO  double dipping!!! We are dedicated to providing premium services at affordable prices specializing in full body waxing as well as Brazilian waxing for men and women.

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