Waxing for Everyone: No Hair Left Behind

This is a call to action. A goosebump-inducing homegrown roots cause (pun intended). We are holding high the proverbial banner which reads, “Whole body Waxing is for Everyone”. We believe in waxing for women, waxing for men, waxing for transgender, and Brazilians for everyone. No hair left behind! Woohoo!

This parade of an article is for the neglected hair on all bodies of the world, from head toe, the almost inside and the obviously outside. The unwanted of the unwanted hair community.

We aren’t saying that the life of the accepted unwanted follicle has it easy and openly abuse it and flippantly go about living our lives, waxing unwanted body hair as if the hair has not a care in the world. We remove it from its home and rip it from its root, this isn’t fun for the follicle and is even less fun for us. Something akin to a parent spanking their child while saying that they are doing it for their child’s own good. But that is a controversial debate for another day.

On the other hand, some say neglect is the worst form of abuse. We agree. That is why we are here to talk about neglected hair. The hairs who wish they were part of the waxing club of unwanted hair. The ones who wonder why they are not hairy enough for the hairy club. All they want is their seat on the waxing table just like their peers.

Today, we are rooting (pun intended, again) for the underdogs of waxing: earlobe hair, breast hair, testicular hair, and the hair found on the knuckles of our toes (don’t pretend this doesn’t apply to you).

We’ve approached the bench, without asking permission. Now, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we stand before you, pleading to you, to please consider the well being of this neglected community. Which, by the way, is your own hair. So really, you are here to help yourself. I present to you: (whole body waxing) and :

Case One: Waxing for Women: Neglecting the Breast

Most women have the straggly strand of areola hair or the one hair that looks like it’s trying to flee the mountain. Or both. The women who don’t have this do not exist. They just don’t notice it. They neglect the breast. If your hair tends to rally, similar to this article, plucking an entire private gathering of hairs may be too much work for one tweezer. In this case, whole body waxing.

Case Two: Waxing for Men: Fearing the Ear

No woman dares to peer into the ear of man. We all know that this is playing with fire. Men, we hate to stereotype you, but even if you think you are a great groomer, your ears are neglected. Wax them.

Case three: Waxing for Transgenders: Neglecting the Crevice

Crevices divide but they also unite. Human crevices are common ground. Mutual territory. Whether you identify as male, female, transgender or anything in between, the truth is, we all have them.

We are not suggesting you must wax your possibly hairy crevices. We are inviting you to remember them.

Check in with them physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. After all, God loves crevices too. Even when they are dark and hiding hair in their shadows, shed some light on your crevice. Ask it how it feels about the hair in there. We already know how the hair feels.

Case Four: Brazilians for everyone!

We firmly believe Brazilians are for everyone! Even for the few Brazilian natives who may be upset that we appropriated their name and their down-there-hair cultural stylings. But that is an another-another debate for another day. (hopefully a different day than the spanking debate).

The effect of this procedure is universal. Brazilians represent the normalizing of vulnerability amidst pain. Brazilians are the ultimate way to show we are all naked on the outside. Don’t be shy.

Closing Statement

We want to remind you, fellow hairy humans of the jury, that we are not anti-hair. We are anti hair discrimination. Just like if you found one lone hair growing between your toes, you wouldn’t consider it any less of a hair than the rest of your body hair.

If you are all about keeping every hair on your body and never parting with it, then Yay! We love that! Do you. We admire your authentic choice! We just care about hair. And stand with every strand and hope you do too.