Lewisville, TX: An Open Letter to Your Skin

Hello, beautiful!  we are sincerely proud to serve you and your skin and thankful for the chance to have met so many of you along the way.skin care Lewisville it has been a fun ride (this is starting to sound like a going-out-of-business letter, isn’t it?). Don’t worry. It’s the opposite.

Electrology3000 is expanding our menu, and we have you to thank for it!

We appropriately named our business Electrology3000, considering we are the leading experts in skin care Lewisville  , but we are so much more than electrolysis! We have skin care Lewisville   for everybody, notice we say, everybody, not everyone. There is a significant difference.

Smart entrepreneurs know that not every business is for everyone, and it shouldn’t be. Unless you’re (the growingly controversial) Amazon, small businesses and capitalism don’t usually thrive this way.

If you’ve recently googled, facials near me, you’ve seen it; the world of beauty and wellness is a saturated market and more competitive than ever before, and Texas is no exception. We can’t control this. So, instead of worrying about our competition, we focus on you.

What Sets Us Apart?

What we can control we do control. All of our services, and how we provide them, are executed with the absolute highest integrity and skill, within a positive and accepting environment.

We offer skin care services for men, women. We welcome you so-super-uber much, that similar to Miracle on 34th Street, if you need to go somewhere else to find a very specific service we don’t provide, or you don’t like our funky colored hair, then we understand, and our door is always open.

As cliche as this may sound, we really do want what is best for your skin. Even if that means receiving your professional skin care services and skin-love from someone else.

This rarely happens. But we understand.

In addition to offering our infamous electrolysis services, here at Elecrtology 3000, did you know that we now have 3,000 more services? Just kidding! Not 3,000. But quite a few.

Here is an overview of our services, for everybody:

  • Electrolysis: Beard removal, genital clearing, all hair removal.
  • Skin lesion removal: skin tags, raised angiomas, flat angiomas, keratosis, cholesterol deposits, milia.
  • Waxing: whole body waxing and everything else from head to toe including, Brazilians for all genders
  • Facials: Hydro-Dermabrasion Facials, Anti-aging treatments, Acne-skin care, Facials for Men.
  •  Mediderma  Spain facial peels and treatments.
  • Hair Restoration.

We get a thrill out of interacting with you and sharing ourselves with our community. Our goal is to obsessively help you achieve your personal vision of your skin in an accessible environment with real, down-to-earth professionals. Feel free to give us feedback on our Yelp Page and say hi on Instagram, anytime. We can’t wait to meet more of you!