• If you have had cosmetic surgery you must be at least three months postoperative before beginning electrolysis, unless your doctor instructs you to wait longer.

As with all cosmetic surgery, before you begin your treatment with Electrology3000, you should speak to your doctor to make sure you are a suitable candidate for electrolysis and have no other health concerns.

Again, shaving is the only form of epilation you should be practicing prior to arriving at Electrology3000.

Stop shaving 3-4 days before your first appointment for facial areas and 4-5 days on all body areas you would like cleared.

NOTE: Cutting of the hair with scissors is not an option. It makes differentiating between which hairs are active and which hairs are inactive nearly impossible.

Please dress comfortably, as you will be lying in a chair for a number of hours, and perhaps several days.

Ensure you get plenty of sleep the night before your visit. Being well rested improves your pain tolerance and overall stamina.

Go light on the caffeine the night before and the morning of your appointment for the same reason mentioned above.

We understand that our clients come to us in various stages of transition and it is our desire to provide an accepting environment where you will feel comfortable and safe.

We respect the person that you are inside the outer shell, so we refer to everyone as “She” and “Her” unless you request otherwise.

We will call you by either your male name or your female name. Just let us know your preference.

You are welcome to dress in either male or female mode, whichever you feel most comfortable with.