Beard Removal and Lymphatic Drainage: Why You Need to Care

Lymphatic Drainage Facials

You: What shirt should I wear today? Hmm…OH! I know! How about this one that reads, “I went to Beard-Removal-Island for vacation and all I got was this lousy pigmentation.”

Us: If you would’ve gone to our island for your beard removal electrolysis, this probably wouldn’t have happened.

Heads Up. This entire article is an example of something we never do: blatantly try to convince our beard removal clients to schedule our lymphatic drainage electrolysis aftercare treatment directly following your beard removal treatment.

It’s for your own good, and at least we are being upfront about it. Don’t worry. It will all make sense in the end.

Skin Fact:

Any time there is trauma to the skin, it is vital to the health of your skin to treat inflammation as soon as possible.

This significantly shortens recovery time. This is even more important when it comes to beard removal via electrolysis because the hair is coarser and the skin on the face is more sensitive.

Trauma? Vital? So dramatic (eye roll).

Actually, it’s not. Your skin is your largest living organ and it will do what it can to preserve its life.

Trauma to the skin does not have to mean your skin was run over by a mack truck it can be acne (especially picking at it), psoriasis, eczema, and more. Trauma is defined as any event to the skin that triggers an immunity (healing) response.

No matter how well we perform our jobs, skin trauma due to extensive electrolysis is inevitable. This is normal. But, if performed by the wrong person it can have seriously hardcore consequences.

Inflammation, heat, swelling, and bruising are all part of your skin’s natural attempt to heal itself and in turn, can result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring. The sooner we treat the inflammation, the more we can minimize your risk of these side effects (don’t worry, your skin will still heal).

This is exactly why we strongly recommend that all clients who receive our beard removal treatment also schedule our lymphatic drainage treatment at the same time.

We do not believe in using fear or guilt as an incentive for choosing a skin treatment, but if there were ever a time we could be accused of doing so, it is now. If we didn’t give you all the information you need in order to achieve your best skin, then we wouldn’t be doing our job.

So, why don’t we include this lymphatic drainage treatment as part of the beard removal treatment? Are we just trying to make more money by making this service an add-on?

No way! We offer our beard removal treatment separate from our lymphatic drainage treatment because we want to give you as many affordable avenues as possible. For transgenders, the process of transitioning is expensive enough as it is.

Please know, it is truly not our intention to make anyone feel bad for not being able to afford our lymphatic drainage treatment alongside the beard removal treatment.

We are all about options.

During your consultation, after our comprehensive intake, we can discuss how best to proceed. Please do not be shy in communicating your needs with us.

The Treatment

We prep your skin. During the treatment, we drain lymph (fluid) by gently massaging with our hands along with Gua Sha. We then use various tools to cool, sooth, hydrate and calm the skin. Trust us, it feels amazing and your skin will thank you.

Now that you have read to the end, we hope this all makes sense to you. We are proud to offer extensive electrolysis for transgender clients. As always, please reach out to us for any questions or concerns and, of course, visit our FAQ page. See you soon!

Lymphatic Drainage Facials