Hair Removal reduction or  removal?

Did you know electrolysis is the only method that can permanently remove unwanted hair? No, we didn’t say laser. We said electrolysis and we didn’t say hair removal. We said permanent hair removal. Shocking, right? Most people are not aware of this. And we don’t blame you.

Effective and prolific marketing has led to an inadvertent misunderstanding and myth that electrolysis is obsolete and not as effective as laser hair removal. Our community aims to bring the truth about electrolysis back into the light.

In recent years, laser hair removal has become the go-to procedure for hair removal from most of the body, including face and genitals. We love all of your hair, but if your goal is to remove unwanted hair from your face and genitals permanently, then we suggest you read the rest of this article

Hair removal is not the same as permanent hair removal. As a matter of fact, electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. For professional electrologists, clarifying this point of differentiation is extremely important because by properly managing your expectations, we can save you time, money, and hassle.

Specializing in transgender hair removal, we feel we have the responsibility and ethical obligation to offer the most transparent, up to date and accurate information to our clientele in order to give them the opportunity to make their own educated decision about what is best for their needs.

The Fundamental Difference Between Electrolysis and Lasers.

What makes E different from lasers is that E kills the papilla rendering hair growth impossible, while all lasers used for hair removal use light as a modality for disintegrating the hair itself, possibly damaging the papilla Surrounding area enough to cause less regrowth, softer regrowth.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Electrolysis?
If you have read this far, then by now, the answer to this question is probably burned in your hair. But in case you missed it, here it is again.

Anyone who is seeking a permanent solution to unwanted hair is a candidate for electrolysis.

However, electrolysis is especially ideal for you if you fall into one of these categories:

If you have excessive or fluctuating hair growth due to hormonal changes caused by a health condition, medications or hormonal treatments.

And If you are a perfectionist with an aesthetic vision for your personal landscaping design
If you want to groom so precisely as to be able to choose which hair follicle you wish to treat, then you will be in heaven. With this method, we give you permission to be obsessive because a small needle is used to slip down into the follow and directly destroy the root cause of hair growth. No guessing is needed.

If you are tired of tweezing one specific, straggler hair on your chin, face, or elsewhere
We all seem to have one of these.

Below, we have gathered the top 3 reasons why choosing E is the smartest method of hair removal all of your body hair and especially for your face and genitals.

1. Electrolysis kills the papilla and permanently removes hair (lasers do not)
2. Appropriate for every skin type and hair color (lasers are not)
We adore this benefit of hair removal. Electrolysis does not discriminate. It is accepting all skin colors hair colors and genders. Laser functions are dependent on the color of skin and the color of the hair. Lasers do not work on blonde or grey hair.

Possible Side Effects and Risks

As with any procedure, there are always basic risks in regards to basic hygiene. We are fully committed to your health.
Our staff is all licensed and highly trained. We are passionate about our techniques and take your experience very seriously. We adhere to all sanitization laws and health codes mandated by the state. And because we want to.
*even if you do not work with us, please only work with licensed and certified electrologists.

Chance of redness
Redness is a common side effect but it is usually temporary

Re-Triggering of Herpes Simplex
*This only applies to people who have already contracted Herpes. Triggering herpes is a normal side effect that can possibly happen but it is not dangerous.

Herpes is very common. Due to the social stigma attached to it, and lack of discussion around the topic, we are highlighting this possible side effect so you have the information you need to help you make an educated decision and for those who may be too shy to ask about it. Please read the footnote at the end of the article for more information.

Herpes can express itself around the mouth, face as well as genitals and even less known buttocks and lower back (sacral herpes). This virus lives in the bottom of the body’s nerves which are somewhat near the papilla where the method of hair removal is most active. Trauma, such as heat or electrical current can trigger currently unexpressed and dormant herpes.

This is just something to keep in mind more in regards to the timing of your hair removal appointment and your personal health choices. That being said, we will not be able to perform E on any general area that has a current active Herpes Simplex outbreak.

Now you know how awesome electrolysis is! We thank you for reading this and for helping us help you by uncovering this highly effective solution to permanent hair removal. We are proud to bring this method, to the table as one of your many options. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.