Why Electrology 3000?

Good question! While we may be a little biased, we feel that the technique offered by E3K is the absolute state of the art in permanent hair removal.
We developed an intensive clearing program for removing facial and genital areas that can speed up the process amazingly and solve the problem for transgender women who live far from a proper electrologist.

Electrology 3000 specializing in the intensive permanent removal of excess facial and body hair using electrolysis, the only FDA approved way to achieve permanent hair removal. Our proprietary method of intensive clearing, proven over the course of 21 years of satisfied, unscarred clients is specifically designed around the needs of the transgender community.

What we provide with our intensive program:

  • Speed -since the area being worked on is numbed by a dental type pain block; the work proceeds quickly and without discomfort.
  • Experience -We have an extremely experienced staff that has been doing this for many years. Besides that, they are super friendly!
  • Effectiveness –Only Electrolysis offers effective and permanent removal of facial hair. The laser can not make that claim.