Genital Clearing Electrolysis. If you consider a male-to-female Genital Reassignment Surgery (GRS), another name is Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) you have to remove genital hair.
GRS surgeons have been able to drastically reduce the need for abdomen and hip skin grafts in patients who removed hair from the scrotum and penile base, and they strongly advise having genital electrolysis before GRS.

Why genital electrolysis before GRS? Can I have my GRS without it?

Genital electrolysis before SRS will bypass any problems with growing hair in your new vagina, as the use of hair-bearing flaps in this procedure may result in postoperative intra-vaginal and intra-urethral hair growth with linked complications: irritation, infections, hairball and calculi formation, pain and discomfort during sex.
And because the skin is no longer exposed after surgery, it will be problematic to remove hair later. The outcome of the procedure is affected by genital hair removal and your satisfaction because SRS aims to treat gender dysphoria—a condition diagnosed and deemed treated by self-addressing patient happiness is critical. Some SRS surgeons would refuse to perform surgery with hair present.
We strongly recommend not to risk your money, well-being, time, and satisfaction from SRS surgery and remove genital hair with only one FDF approved method of permanent hair removal: Electrolysis.

Electrolysis or laser for your genital hair removal?

It is strongly advised you to get genital electrolysis. Lasers are not permanent, there is no room for experimenting, as skin is no longer exposed after surgery, hair removal won’t be possible. Some surgeons practice “scraping,” during the operation, they scrape off the hair follicles, but there is a high possibility of complications.

What amount of hair has to be removed from the genitals before GRS?

You need to discuss it with your surgeon, as to his or her preferences for the area to be cleared. Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty is most widespread technique, which results in an authentic appearance with excellent depth, function, and sensation, and it is the best to remove hair from the penile shaft and around its base, also scrotum and perineum forward from the anus.

What can you expect to go through before SRS if you have a genital electrolysis clearing?

You should expect to go through about 5 – 8 cycles of complete genital electrolysis clearing. In overall, the entire hair removal process should take a year, but most will get it done sooner than planned. You have to have the three weeks to allow your body to heal and recover before SRS surgery.

How to prepare for genital electrolysis?

Clients needing Pre Surgery Genital Electrolysis should shave the genital region 4-5 days in advance of your appointment. Only active hair follicles will grow back after shaving, which in turn allows us to be more productive.
Also, keep areas VERY clean, use Iso-betadine soap before and after the procedure. Wear loose-fitting clothes and undergarments. Stay comfortable.

Genital electrolysis permanent hair removal After Care.

Skin will be red and swollen and bruised. Keep the area clean and dry, use zinc oxide or hydrocortisone to help reduce itching.
Use a wrapped ice pack to reduce swelling and bruising. DO NOT scratch or rub areas. Avoid activities that may cause excessive sweating. DO NOT use – body deodorant, perfumes, body wash or feminine sprays and
avoid sitting or driving for long periods.