Electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis hair removal, removing unwanted hair as part of Male-to-female (MTF) transgender transition. The area most often requiring hair removal is the face, followed by the genitals before gender reassignment surgery. Although in the bigger picture of transitioning gender, hair removal may be considered a small part of the process compared with other treatments or surgeries.It is very important step It has a profound psychological impact on the individual. The MTF transition is not only a long, slow, and often costly process. But also it is both physically and psychologically taxing.

Electrology 3000 has thirty years of experience in large volume electrolysis hair removal —which can be the most effective, speedy, safest and least painful way of removing large amounts of hair, with multi-technician sessions for more precise, pain-free hair removal, thus decreasing the total time length needed to achieve the results.

The gender of the hair.

There is, in general, a significant difference in the kind of treatment required. In general, most genetic women do not require the same level of treatment as their MTF counterparts, the hair is not as coarse, it is more sparse, and often occurs after childbirth or menopause.

In contrast, MTF facial hair is much coarser, thicker, and more robust. Male hair growth is the result of male puberty and fueled by testosterone. By the time they attempt treatment. Most MTFs have had years of male hormones, and the result is larger. More muscular bodies, deeper voices, often balding and a heavy male beard.
Getting electrolysis hair removal could be a problem for MTFs trying to get rid of their hair as many electrologists. Don’t have the knowledge required how to treat them, as textbooks do not even mention the fact that transgender people exist.

Intensive program for clearing of facial and genital areas.

Electrology 3000 specializes in the service of helping transgender women experience that smooth look on their face or genitals. Getting facial and body hair under control is very important, especially for trans women. For a full-time transgender, having a smooth and flawless face is a must as the male beard can be very difficult to conceal.

As a transgender looking to remove your facial and genital hair,. It is essential you make the necessary inquiries and get hold of an electrologist with experience in removal

facial hair in a minimum number of treatments and fewer side effects like scarring. Discoloration on the face or skin, pitting and others.

However, you also have to remember that as a transgender, removing the male beard is a tedious process and therefore keep a lookout for an electrologist who has a successful record in working with transgender, and this can be difficult as they are not many who can perform this procedure well.
At Electrology 3000, we have designed a unique and effective method for removing facial and genital hair. In transgender with less number of treatments for patients who come from far away locations.