Intensive electrolysis session is not a walk in the park: it is the long and taxing treatment for mind and body, be ready for it.
Dress comfortably, as you will be lying in a chair for a number of hours, and perhaps several days. We will do our best to make treatment as pleasant as possible. We provide neck pillows, back pillows, and other accessories to make time in the chair less uncomfortable and tedious.
Usually, you will have two electrologists working in your personal space for a few hours, prepare yourself for a lot “human contact.”
We encourage our patients to listen to their media, bring your earbuds for entertainment, as lying down without movement for hours is pretty dull.
If you need a break to use the restroom or just stretch, don’t hesitate to tell us, we stop and let you go for a minute or two.

We know that our clients come to us in various stages of transition and we desire to provide an accepting environment where you will feel comfortable and safe.