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The newest generation in medical electrolysis and skin care

Our company was formed in 1986 under the name E2000, when it was noticed that the unique needs of the transgender community were not being met. A safe and permanent manner of hair removal was implemented to meet these needs. Because of this desired and effective form of electrolysis, conventional methods were thrown out, and the idea of “marathon” sessions was born!
In 2006 the former owners retired, and employees of the company realized that their expertise needed to continue, we renamed ourselves Electrology 3000. The name heled significance for the three remaining employees and it ushered the new generation.
Every certified electrologist hired comes from a medical or Esthetician background and specifically trained in the use of thermolysis. As a team, we educated in the effects or hormones within the body and skin. We are also knowledgeable about the medical issues and effects such as those associated with PCOS, elevated testosterone, adrenal hyper dysplasia, and others. Although E3000 specializes in the transgender community, we do not stop there. We are here to help all genders with their hair removal and skin care needs. This could be that Brazilian, pesky chin hair, maybe achieve the Mr. Clean look or a Van Dyke! Whatever your goals are we have you covered with less painful and faster results

If your need is skin focus, then we have our own skin specialist. From recovery facials, cryotherapy, hydra dermabrasion facials,  your skin can be restored to its youthful glow! Also, on staff is a glam lash and grooming specialist! If electrolysis isn’t your desire, but a safe wax is, she has you covered with a full body waxing.

In summary, E3000 (also known as E3K) is your go-to clinic for the results you have desired. We are the Rock Stars of electrolysis and skincare, visit and let us show you!

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