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Tori C., Savannah, Georgia--
"I can't say enough of Electrology 3000 and their wonderful staff. I first heard of them when I went to the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to use their services sooner, but I was limited by finance, distance, and time or so I thought. The internet has easy to use travel websites in order to monitor and book flights at low fares. The hotels recommended for stays by E3K are very reasonably priced and the hotel will provide you transportation to and from the clinic. The hotels are located near the Mall and there are plenty of restaurants making your stay very accommodating. I had been using a local electrologist for nearly 4 years and felt that I was not getting the results that I should had been seeing based upon on my research. I felt that I was wasting my time and precious resources. I am now on my third appointment with Electrology 3000 and I amazed by my results. Another selling point for me is that they use local anesthetic in the area to be treated so that you will not feel the pain associated with the process. I am finally seeing noticeable progress that no one else has been able to provide. I am blessed to have found them and you will be as well. "

Jasmine T. --
"My experience with Electrology 3000 has been beyond wonderful. I came to them needing complete removal of all facial hair, and laser was not a good option for me. From the moment I made the appointment on the phone, they were very kind and professional. They went out of their way to put me at ease and help me understand the process. Tisha has take such great care of me during my treatment and the environent at Electrology 3000 is very relaxed and comfortable. After getting shots like you wouled at the dentist for pain, the procedure is virtually pain-free. My appointments were scheduled 8-10 weeks apart which is so much better than a normal electrologist where you have to go several times a week for short, painful sessions. I've had great results and in a couple of more visits I'll be done. The girls at E3k have changed my life, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much!"

Sarah J.--
"Having heard about the unique treatment offered at Electrology 3000, I traveled from the UK to Dallas to find out for myself, and I wasn't disappointed. The staff there are amazingly welcoming and friendly, and the environment feels safe and stress-free. I was worked on by Tish and Melody, both of whom are very good at what they do. The treatment is pitched as being "pain-free," and as far as the electrology itself goes, it is 100% without any discomfort. However, to reach this pain-free state, lidocaine injections are adminstered, which are very uncomfortable indeed. I have a relatively low pain threshold, so the injectons really bothers me, especially the ones in my top lip; Tish gave me permission to write that 'the top lip is hell,' and it is! I was surprised at the number of injections required; I had assumed it would be in the region of seven or eight, but in reality I lost count after about 30! That said, the result was that I left the premises completely hair-free after only 10 hours of work. Sure I was red, bruised and swollen, but this was only temporary, and cleared up after a few days. It was amazing to see and feel my skin without any hair growing there; I doubt that the E3k girls can fully appreciate how life-changing their treatment is. It has made a huge difference to my quality of life, and I have only admiration and gratitude for them and the work they do."

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