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About Electrology 3000

Dallas area electrologist, electrology E3k specializes in the permanent removal of excess facial and body hair using electrolysis, the only FDA approved way to achieve permanent hair removal. Our proprietary method proven over the course of 21 years of satisfied, unscarred clients is specifically designed around the needs of the transsexual community.

Why E3k?

Good question! While we may be a little biased, we feel that the technique offered by E3K is the absolute state of the art in permanent hair removal.

Among the E3K advantages are:

since the area being worked on is numbed by a dental type pain block, the work proceeds quickly and without discomfort.

Experience -
We have an extremely experienced staff that has been doing this for many years. Besides that, they are super friendly!

Only Electrolysis offers effective and permanent removal of facial hair. Laser can not make that claim.

Odd as it may sound, being located near Dallas is ideal because being centrally located in the U.S. permits our patients who fly here to take advantage of our state of the art technique to reach us without too long a flight.

E3k History

Since 1986, E3k has been serving the needs of patients seeking the safe and permanent removal of hair. The name E3k has become synonymous with state of the art, pain-free electrolysis within the transgender community, which up to that point had to endure painful electrolysis appointments sometimes multiple times in a week for long periods of time. E3k changed that with their proprietary technique that clears large areas quickly - about 1/3 faster and with medically supervised numbing injections. The electrolysis itself is virtually painless! Perhaps that explains why patients fly in to Dallas from all over the country. The staff at E3k is friendly, professional and discrete. E3k's deep respect for their clientele has earned their trust. Over the years, E3k continues to expand, now offering services outside of electrolysis including facials and microdermabrasion, as well as individual counseling and hormone replacement therapy offered to clients of E3k.

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Your Health

Your health is our #1 concern. Please take a moment to review the following items that could delay or prevent treatment.

Your Immune System:

Because this process (electrology) destroys the tissue that grows hair, you must have a healthy immune system in order to heal properly.

There are several medical conditions that compromise the immune system: Diabetes, HIV, Lupus, any collgen disease, and tissue rejection drugs from transplants may place a patient at high risk of incomplete healing or subsequent infection that may be hard to cure.

Other Concerns:

Heart pacemakers can be disrupted by electrology.

Herpes/Shingles viruses can be activated by electrology, heat and tissue damage.

High blood pressure can increase the risks involved in using local anesthetics.

Allegery to local anesthetics can be serious, or even fatal if not properly addressed.

Even in the best medical facilities with the best sterile technique, infection is always a risk of every procedure, and even though it may be very rare, the risk is still very real.

We never want to put our clients at risk, and so we ask that you be honest and responsible in seeking any services, including ours. One who is wise will truly see risk as danger.

Prior Cosmetic Surgery:

There is a concern that has crossed the mind of more than one doctor that during the healing period, after a patient has had cosmetic surgery, especially facial cosmetic surgery (FFS), they are at a higher risk of infection in the surgical sites, on the surface of any implants (or other foreign materials) that may have been put in, and even in the scars from surgery itself.

This is because in such areas, the body's natural defense have already been comprised as your body continues to heal.

The problem of assessing an undocumented risk is that if it happens only once in 10,000 clients, then it may be a long time before you even see one, much less two cases. We therefore prefer to err on the side of caution.

For this reason, clients having cosmetic surgery should not undergo electrology (at our clinic or anywhere else) for three months following surgery. Skin follicles often contain bacteria and we do not want to risk introducing them into an area where immune defenses have been temporarily compromised by recent surgery.

Your surgeon may recommend that you wait longer than three months, and in such cases it is wise to use their time table. Our goal is to provide you with the best results possible, both with your time spent with us andthe final results you achieve from any prior cosmetic surgery.

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